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1 guitar, 45 tones
Bias FX - My favorite Modern Metal Tones - 6 Awesome Amps
Alberto Barrero - BIAS FX clean & blues tones
Axe fx II strat tones ... NICE !!!
John Petrucci style guitar solo - My Tones on Bias FX
BIAS FX Desktop Plug-in Blues-Rock Tones Demo
Roland GR-55 Movie Film Soundtrack Tones
My Top 5 Favorite Bias FX Metal Tones
Bias / Bias FX + Focusrite - Tones
All the Synth FX and Hit tones / patches / sounds of the Rol
Yngwie Malmsteen style guitar solo - My tones on Bias FX
How to get good 8-string guitar tones with the Axe FX and Ow
Axe-Fx II Petrucci-ish Tones - Tone Match - Clean - Crunch -
Positive Grid BIAS FX - Blues / Rock Tones
The Hunt for Epic Guitar Tones - Fractal Axe Fx ii XL+
Axe Fx 2 - Marshall Tones
Axe-FX II MUSE Style tones (Octave Fuzz & Whammy)
Fractal Audio Axe FX ii Quantum 4 lead tones
Axe Fx II bass tones
Fractal Axe Fx Ultra Tones
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